Freelance web developer specialized in webdesign and web applications crafting W3C standard compliant websites with user-experience in mind.
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David Marchesson 
I am a freelance web designer & developer 

Welcome to my website

I am David a a France-based freelance web designer & developer
I help small-medium sized businesses make an impact online with a bespoke web site tailored to their needs. I love creating w3c compliant website designs using xhtml/css and web applications.

My wide range of skills allows me to work with both small and large businesses worldwide. I've been working in Internet Development & Advertising industries for the more then 9 years during which I've worked and developed projects for some known corporations.

I consider all my years of work a never-ending learning process during which I have acquired a big knowledge base & developed many relationships that can be helpful to you or your organization. As of today, Thursday 19th of May 2022, I am available for freelance work or contract work.


University Diploma in Computer Science (Programming and Interactive Marketing). Experience in internet management or strategic planning of technical projects, and internet marketing strategy optimization for referencing pages. Consult my resume for more details.

Knowledge Base

General :

» Project needs and analysis
» Writing specifications
» Project management

Development & Webdesign :

» Development of websites in compliance with the standards and accessibility standards
» Website Design
» Programing and Databases
» Emailing design and Blog and CMS templates
» Advertisement and animation (flash or gif)

Council :

» Internet Communication
» Technological Choices
» Strategic Planning
» Search Engine Optimization
» Internet Marketing Council


Here are xhtml/css websites I've done. Feel free to take a look around !

  • Website

    Instant Clôture

    April 2021

    Instant Clôture

    Client    :

    Mission :

    Status    :

    Responsive website created for the launch of a new class of services and a brand new InstantClôture strategy.

    see website

  • Responsive website


    Juin 2020


    Client    :

    Mission :

    Status    :

    Sabena Technics

    Responsive website


    Responsive UI created for the Vigiplane security system.

    see video

  • Website

    Cabinet Nguyen

    April 2020

    Cabinet Nguyen

    Client    :

    Mission :

    Status    :

    The realization of Dr. Nguyen's office web site, composed of a young and dynamic team. We accompanied them (photo shooting, content creation, natural referencing, etc.).

    see website

  • Website

    Davron Translations

    Janvier 2020

    Davron Translations

    Client    :

    Mission :

    Status    :

    New Davron Transaltions website for the launch of their new formula, we also do the migration of their domain names and hosting from GoDaddy to BlueHost.

    see website


What our partners have to say about us:

Marchesson David has demonstrated listening and technical inventiveness to create a website that reflects the creativity and seriousness of our business.
I've also enjoyed his will to always find solutions. This is pleasant to feel the project under control.
Claude Dulac Arkemis
David has no technical limit, "Yes, yes you can do anything" was one of the sentences during our meetings. In addition, it provides advice based on our ideas. Soon after the first draft I knew that the site would be a success and then the smallest details have been settled.
Dr. Cyril Gaillard Dental
collaboration with David can be summarized in a few words: advice, professionalism, patience and listening. It was an enriching experience for Ozea, which we will draw lessons for future projects. He was able to give us such great tips on internet tool in general. Thank you David.
Laura Cosson Ozea Council
Your work on site area Advantages of CIC and the creation of new features have enabled us to develop a site very safe's feed the database with reliable and secure responding to customer requirements. We also appreciated your responsiveness and your availability.
François Dousset Agency Bellevuecom
Marchesson David has developed and integrated several themes graphics UGAL site . He is someone one with whom it's very nice to complete a project: David has a good internet culture and mastery of tools (including Flash and CSS). In addition, David has a real sense of customer service, he even respect his time ;-)
Mathilde Bohrmann Ugal


I assists you in creating digital solutions. What can I do for you ?

Specialized for several years in creating websites respecting the standards of accessibility. My knowledge, the focus on optimising and my endless curiosity gave me a global vision about all the production sides. That’s why my career objective is to combine technical and graphical elements in order to share quick and easy access to information and improve reader experience. Because it is important to be seen by everybody, the content of a site should be updated easily, I develop sites that are mainly based on CMS systems.

Your Project

Along the way, I will to demystify and unfurl any misconceptions you may have about web design and the other services I offer, to educate you in a way that will allow you to make a solid, knowledge based decision on your next project-requirement.

Our Mission

I offer you many freelance services. They range from Web Design, to Web Development, from Blog management to Search Engine Optimization. All these services are designed with quality and customer satisfaction in mind, and have received positive reviews from all previous clientele. I build the design around your values and your identity.


Web Development

Web Development is the process of creating an application, that can automate menial tasks, or be utilized to create very large, easily up-dateable website's with enhanced interactivity and features. Typical development may be creating a user login system or creating an online store, where security and usability are an utmost.

Web Design

Get yourself on the web, with a stylish, quality and good value website. I have created website's for business's, both big and small, as well as for self-employed people and customers who just want a place online.

If you are a budding web developer, or a creative entrepreneur, who have the next big idea, but not big design skills, then I'll take your specification, logo (if you have one) and incorporate it into a .PSD which you can then have coded into a full XHTML and CSS layout.

Blog Management Package

Blogs are great income generators, and superb ways of marketing your website. A blog management package includes everything from installation, general running, posting and marketing of the blog. This is an ideal, and cheap way to run your blog, and make money from it, without any of the hassle normally involved in blogging.

Web Marketing and SEO

If you buy a website, you are going to need visitors. Whether you want to get to the top of Goggle™, or need more users to register on your site, I also offer link-building, and search engine optimization services.

I generally schedule new projects to begin 2 months in advance. This may vary depending on my workload at any given time.
A typical website project can take between 2 or 3 months to build. Timing may vary depending on the complexity of the project and the time it takes for reviews, approvals and the delivery of source materials.

Contact me

To cut a long story short

Feel free to contact me trough the form below, either to talk about a new project or just to say hello ! I'll be glad to hear from you and I'll be in touch usually within the day...


Or you can use these contacts:

Email: contact(a) | Skype: flashxman | Téléphone : +33 (0)6 14 15 61 09 | Address: 20 route de camblanes 33670 Créon


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